Wickedly Woven tie-dye plush

Mystic Fusion Wickedly Woven tie-dye minky

We love tie dye plush. It’s so soft and is a brilliant canvas on which to paint your nappy designs.

Wickedly Woven is a popular brand of tie-dye from Australia. They offer a range of colours as you can see below.

However, we prefer LilBumaz customised tie-dye plush which is also from Australia. We are the exclusive UK distributor for this alternative to Wickedly Woven, and we’re so confident you’ll like it that we’ll offer your money back if you’re not completely satisfied.

2 thoughts on “Wickedly Woven tie-dye plush

  1. delphine says:

    Hi there when will you be selling the designs above from Lil Bumaz: per hinstance mystic fusion?

    I would possibly place an order including some of this one.

    thank you

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