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Things You Need For Your New Hobby

January 10, 2024
Things You Need For Your New Hobby

So, you've decided on what craft you are taking up in 2024, so now you need to organise your tools and materials ready for your next projects. 

Take a look below at what we suggest you start collecting for your new hobby!


Let's start with a classic - knitting. 

When you first start learning to knit, you might just be playing around learning the different kind of stitches. For this you simply need needles, yarn and maybe a stich counter and yarn holder to keep you organised. 

After learning the basics, you can expand into trying new things and following patterns, adding in circular or cable needles - stitch holders come in handy here too.

We have this basic knitting accessories kit that is perfect for beginners.

Take a look below and our recommendations.

Knitting Needles
Pony Single Point Classic 25cm
Pony Single Point Classic Knitting Needles 25cm –
Patons Fab DK
Patons Fab DK 100g – 2084 Jeans
Row Counter
Row Counter Large | 5.50 - 7.50mm
Yarn Holder
Yarn Bowl
Plastic Knitting Yarn Bowl | Cool Grey
Circular Needle
Circular Fixed Classic
Knitting Pins: Circular: Fixed: Classic: 40cm – 2mm-10mm
Knitting Accessory Set
Knitting Accessories
Knitting Accessory Set
Aluminium Stitch Holders
Set of 3
Aluminium Stitch Holders: Set of 3
Cable Needle
Pony Aluminium Cable Stitch Needle Small
Pony Aluminium Cable Stitch Needle Small – 2.0mm-5.0mm
James C Brett Knitting Pattern
James C Brett Knitting Pattern JB456


On the opposite team, we have crochet. 

Like knitting, to begin with you can start of small as you learn your basic stitches - hooks, yarn and maybe a yarn holder to stop the wool rolling away and a stitch counter.

Once you start expanding on your skills, you can start following a pattern or learning to crochet in circles - markers come in really handy with circular crocheting. 

We reccomend the below for crocheters.

Crochet Hook Set
Soft-Grip Rubber Handle
soft-grip rubber handle crochet hook
King Cole Pricewise DK 100g
Baby Green
King Cole Pricewise DK 100g – 002 Baby Green
Row Counter
Combi Pack
Row Counter: Combi Pack: Sizes 2.00mm – 7.50mm
Yarn Holder
Spinning Holder
Spinning Yarn and Thread Holder: Beech Wood
Stitch Markers
Split Ring Markers
Split Ring Markers - 30 Pieces
Crochet Pattern | Hat and Gloves UKHKA
Crochet Pattern: Hat and Gloves

Pom Pom Making

A fun and different kind of craft - Pom Pom making!

With very minimal supplies needed.

To get started all you will need is a pom pom maker / loom, yarn and scissors

Once you have figured out how to make your pom poms, you might want to start creating bigger designs, such as a wreath. For this you would need a basic wire wreath base, and perhaps some glue.

Check out the supplies underneath.

Pom Pom Maker Set
4 Sizes
Pom Pom Maker Set: 4 Sizes
Embroidery Scissors
10cm - Neon Pink
Scissors: Embroidery: 10cm: Neon Pink
James C Brett Top Value DK 100g
James C Brett Top Value DK 100g – 8431 Lilac
Wire Wreath Base
30.5cm - Circle
Wire Wreath Base 30.5cm: Circle
Hi-tack No-Sew Glue
Hi-tack No-Sew Glue 60ml


Whether you are makign clothes, bags, scrunchies, napkins or anything other projects that involve sewing you will need a few basics - more than our previously stated crafts.

Of course you will need fabric (fat quarter bundles are fab for beginners), thread, needles, pins, measuring tape, scissors / blade, cutting board as a minimum.

You could choose to hand sew or machine sew - the type of needles you will need will depends on this factor. 

We would also recommend a fabric marker and fabric weights

See below.

Fat Quarter Bundle
Little Dino
Fat Quarter Gift Set | Little Dinos
Sewing and Overlocking Thread 1000m
Royal Blue
Sewing and Overlocking Thread 1000m – Royal Blue
Berry Pins
40 Berry Pins 34mm
Tape Measure
Retractable 150cm
Tape Measure: Retractable: 150cm
Hand Sewing Needles
Household Assorted
Hand Sewing Needles - Premium Embroidery / Crewel - Size 3-9 (Copy)
Scissors Gift Set
Dressmaking (20cm) and Embroidery (9.5cm)
Scissors: Gift Set: Dressmaking (20cm) and Embroidery (9.5cm): Rose Gold
Cutting Board
Medium Cutting Mat – 45 x 30cm
cutting board
Fabric Marker
Vanishing Fabric Pen
Vanishing Fabric Marker Pen
Fabric Weights
Fabric Weights: Bees

We hope this have given you a basic overview of what you need to start crafting in 2024!

Let us know how you got on in the comments below, or tag us in your social media posts!

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