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Sewing Project | Washbag

June 6, 2024
Sewing Project | Washbag

This month is all about using movie-inspired cottons! Easch project this month will be created using one of our movie-based cottons.

Seeing as it is approaching holiday seseaon, we decided to make a Minions washbag this week. 

This is a simple way to sew with zips (they are tricky things!), using minimal supplies. 

Take a look at what you need and the steps to take below:

Sewing Project | Washbag

Minions Washbag

Sewing Project | Washbag

Minions Washbag

With zip & PUL lining

What you will need:

  • PINS
    You might want to secure your fabric when sewing to stop slipping. 
    For a flat surface you can cut on.

    You might want to choose a neutral white, or match the thread to your cotton.

Step 1: Create a template

21cm x 15cm.

Step 2: Draw around template on back of cotton

Using fabric pen. You will need 2 x 21cm x 15cm cotton rectangles.

Step 3: Cut cotton

Leaving about 1 inch of fabric from pen line.

Step 4: Pin Cotton to PUL

Top sides facing.

Step 5: Cut PUL

So it is the same size as cotton. So you now have 2 x 21cm x 15cm cotton pinned to PUL.

Step 6: Sew along top line on template

On both rectangles. Using sewing machine.

Sewing Project | Washbag

Step 2

Draw around template on cotton
Sewing Project | Washbag

 Step 3, 4 &5

Laer fabric, cut & pin
Sewing Project | Washbag

Step 6

Sew along top edge

Step 7: Turn fabric 

Back sides now facing. Make a crisp edge along the sewn line. Pin to stop bottom of fabric slipping.

Step 8: Line up top edge of fabric to zip sides

One side first. Pin.

Step 9: Sew along zip line

We recommend doing one side then the other. With sewing machine.

Sewing Project | Washbag

 Step 7

Turn fabric
Sewing Project | Washbag

Step 8

Line top edge on zip - one side
Sewing Project | Washbag

Step 9

Sew along zip

Step 10: Repeat other side

Repeat stesp 8 and 9 for other side.

Step 11: Bring zip pully in to centre

This is for later, when we snip the zip.

Sewing Project | Washbag

 Step 10

Repeat step 8 & 9
Sewing Project | Washbag

Step 8-10

Fabric sewn either side of zip
Sewing Project | Washbag

Step 11

Bring zip pully to centre

Step 12: Bring front sides of fabric to face each other

Folding at the zip. Pin.

Step 13: Sew along the other 3 edges

You will need to go back over the zip once or twice more. 

Step 14: Cut zip to correct length

Using scissors / shears.

Sewing Project | Washbag

 Step 2

Front sides of fabric facing
Sewing Project | Washbag

Step 13

Sew along other 3 edges
Sewing Project | Washbag

Step 14

Cut zip to length

Step 15: Cut bottom corners and trim edges

For a neater edge when we turn inside out.

Step 16: Turn bag inside out

Making sure to push out the bottom corners.


Sewing Project | Washbag

 Step 15

Cut bottom corners & trim edges
Sewing Project | Washbag

Step 6

turn bag inside out
Sewing Project | Washbag


Inside of bag


  • Machine washable

  • Size customisable


How did you get on? Let us know in the comments below and tag us in / send us your pictures on social media!

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