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Sewing Project | iPad Sleeve

June 28, 2024
Sewing Project | iPad Sleeve

We are back for the final week of our movie-inspired projects!

This week we made this Star Wars themed iPad sleeve - padded to protect the iPad, but thin enough to not make your bag bulky. Perfect for those summer holiday trips.

We have used an iPad mini for this project, so if you have a larger iPad / tablet you will need to adjust the sizing. 

Take a look at the list of supplies and instructions below:

Sewing Project | iPad Sleeve

iPad Sleeve

Empire Dreams
Sewing Project | iPad Sleeve

iPad Sleeve

Empire Dreams

What you will need:

    For the fastening. You will need a large one.
  • PINS
    You might want to secure your fabric when sewing to stop slipping. 
    For a flat surface you can cut on.

    You might want to choose a neutral white, or match the thread to your cotton.

Step 1: Create a template

15cm x 23cm

Step 2: Draw around template on fabric

On the back of fabric. 2x for each of the cottons and Zorb.

Step 3: Layer the cottons (outside and inside cottons) 

Right sides facing. You will end up with two layered pieces. Pin.

Step 4: Cut elastic for the loop

10cm in length

Step 5: Place elastic between fabric on one layered pieces

In the centre, along short edge. Open ends nearer the edge of fabric. Pin.

Step 6: Sew along top edge (one of the short edges)

For the one with elastic, along this short edge. Using sewing machine.

Sewing Project | iPad Sleeve

Step 1-2

Draw around template & cut
Sewing Project | iPad Sleeve

 Step 5

Place elastic between fabric
Sewing Project | iPad Sleeve

Step 6

Sew along top / short edge

Step 7: Open & flatten out

Each cotton piece.

Step 8: Layer fabric 

Cotton pieces - right sides facing. Zorb layered on the bottom and the top of the inside fabric. Pin.

Step 9: Sew around the entire edge

Leaving a turning gap on the inside fabric.

Step 10: Trim edges and snip corners

For neater edges.

Sewing Project | iPad Sleeve

 Step 7 & 8

Flatten & layer zorb
Sewing Project | iPad Sleeve

Step 9

Sew around entire edge
Sewing Project | iPad Sleeve

Step 10

Trim edge & snip corners

Step 11: Turn inside out

Use a tool to help get those edges neat.

Step 12: Tuck in fabric at turning hole annd glue shut

Ensure it dries.

Step 13: Push the inside fabric inside the outer fabric

Making a pouch. Make sure to get the corners neat.

Step 14: Sew button

Below the elastic to ensure elastic stays on tight.


Sewing Project | iPad Sleeve

 Step 11 & 12 

Turn inside out & glue gap shut
Sewing Project | iPad Sleeve

Step 13

Push inside fabric into outer
Sewing Project | iPad Sleeve

Step 14

Sew button


  • Machine washable

  • Size customisable

How did you get on? Let us know in the comments below and tag us in / send us your pictures on social media!

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