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Our Top Projects Of 2023!

December 28, 2023
Our Top Projects Of 2023!

We have come to the last blog post of 2023!

Thank you all for following along with our posts throughout this year.

We wanted to reflect on our top performing projects from 2023 for this blog post.

Take a look below at our most popular projects (blog posts and reels linked) below.


Reusable Baby Nappy

Reusable baby nappies / diapers are gaining popularity due to their eco-friendly nature and comfort for baby.

And if you have a sewing machine, they aren't too complicated to make yourself! Personalise them by choosing different fabrics and snaps.

Reusable Sponge

Need to use up your fabric scraps? Fed up of using disposable shop-bought sponges?

Why not make some of your own reusable sponge?! Take just 10 minutes or less to make a super simple, machine washable sponge - perfect for washing dishes.

We have two videos - make sure to take a look at both.

Reusable Kitchen Scrubbie / Scrubber

In the same blog post as the sponges, we also made a reusable kitchen scrubbie / scrubber - perfect for using on pots and pans that do not allow for metal scrubbers.

By using cotton mesh you can achieve an abraisive texture without risking your pans.

Reusable Cloth Menstrual Pads

We all know that reusable menstrual products have been popular for the last few years. Did you know that pads are very simple to make?

There are many different fabrics that you can use to create them - in our blog post from January 2023, we made two different kinds to show you what combos you could use.

Take a look at both of the videos below.

Easter Treats Bunny Bag

Instead of the shop-bought easter baskets, this year we encouraged peope to make their own little Easter treats bunny bag - ears included!

Not only are these fab for easter egg hunts, but also for small easter gifts.

Template included.


How To Crochet For Beginners - Double Crochet and Granny Square

All beginner crocheters want to learn the Geanny Square - and you cannot do the Granny Square without knowing your Double Crochet.

This post is perfect for beginners, with a step by step guide to the perfect Granny Square.

Crochet Egg Cosy - Free Pattern

Another popular Easter project from this year!

Who doesn't love a free pattern?

If you find a magic circle hard, try this alternative way of crocheting in a circle.

We hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane!

And if you haven't had a chance to make any of these projects, now is the time.

Let us know how you get on in the comments below, or even tag us in your social media posts.

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