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We are delighted to announce that Cuddle Plush Fabrics are now the official EU distributor for Wazoodle!

Having stocked Wazoodle products for over 5 years and being their largest UK customer it seemed a no-brainer to formalise our relationship when Sid (President AKASTex) and Arch (CEO Wazoodle) suggested we join forces.

We went over to Pennsylvania to find out more about their fabrics and operation and to plan the launch. Fundamental to this was extending the range of their unique fabrics that we stock here in the UK so that it is quicker, easier and cheaper for UK and EU customers to buy them.

Now have a much wider range, lower prices, huge discounts on whole rolls and 10% off on 10m lengths of fabric. 

We now stock 12 types of Zorb (including the new 4D with integrated PUL which is a real time saver), 5 colours of Food Safe PUL, Food safe ProCare and so much more!

Plus, so you can get to know our new wider range, you can now order swatches for only £1 each (inc delivery). Find them on the produce page as a size option.

And of course if you have any specific Wazoodle fabric requests then please do drop us a line at [email protected]

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