Making face masks more effective than an N95 respirator

n95 respirator

Independently lab tested …..

recent study by Northeastern University’s Department of Chemical Engineering tested more than 70 different common fabric combinations and masks, including the N95 respirator, for their ability to block the transmission of virus-like nanoparticles.

The mask with the best filtration was made of layers of ProCool® Performance Fabrics combined with Zorb® 3D Stay Dry Dimple fabric. The combination of these fabrics tested 72 percent more effective than the N95 respirator.

The combination tested was Zorb 3D Stay Dry and ProCool 1-way wicking both of which we have in stock now to buy!

Mask designs

We stock many fabrics suitable for making face masks with. The most effective patterns should have three layers, an outer and inner encasing a filtration layer. The filtration layer doesn’t need to be removable for cleaning. It is better to ensure that that entire mask is washed after each wear.

There are many fabulous patterns out there freely available or at a modest price. The one we use at home is the Olsen mask by sewcanshe

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