NEW: Lil Bumaz Tie-Dye Plush Fabrics

Lil Bumaz Customised Minky
Lil Bumaz Customised Minky
Lil Bumaz Customised Plush

We’re delighted to announce that Cuddle Plush Fabrics is to become the first UK retailer of Lil Bumaz customised tie-dye plush fabric.

Made in small quantities and sourced from Australia where the modern cloth nappy movement has such a strong following, the Lil Bumaz fashion material is in hot demand.

And now, with 4 brand new colours having launched, we’ve brought the full range of 11 stunning designs to the UK.

Created with embroidery firmly in mind; so get in quick and be the first to create with this beautifully stunning fabric.

3 thoughts on “NEW: Lil Bumaz Tie-Dye Plush Fabrics

  1. katie frye says:

    Are you getting more amethyst anarchy minky in I am making memorial quilts for my cousin who have lost there father that loved tie die and I am in need of about 10 + meters of it

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