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Modal fabric is a semi-synthetic fabric made from beech tree pulp that is used primarily for clothing, such as underwear and pyjamas, and household items, like bed sheets.

Ideal for making incontinence and period pants.

There are so many good reasons to buy micromodal stretch fabric:

It’s stretchy. Making it ideal for items like underwear and t-shirts.

It’s soft. The fabric has an incredibly soft touch, and is often used for bed sheets, pyjamas and knickers.

It’s breathable. Modal is great for sports clothing and everyday clothes because the fabric’s weave is very breathable.

It’s water absorbent. It’s 50% more absorbent than cotton; micropores inside the fabric absorb any water or sweat they come into contact with.

It’s durable. Modal is very strong because of the tight weave and the long fibers and is therefore used for garments and housewares that receive regular use.

It drapes well. Similar to rayon and other silk alternatives, micromodal has a beautiful drape that makes it ideal for clothing and decoration.

It’s eco-friendly. Made from regenerative plants and there are fewer chemicals used in the production process than with other types of rayon.

It doesn’t pill. Modal resists pilling and has a smooth finish that makes it ideal for everyday wear and use.

It’s colour fast. The fabric absorbs dye in warm water and does not bleed dye during the laundering process.

It shrinks less. Unlike most forms of rayon, modal is much less likely to shrink in the wash.

It’s biodegradable. Modal is completely biodegradable.

It doesn’t crease. Resists wrinkles and will stay smooth with minimal ironing.

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£26.00 per metre
Out of stock
£26.00 per metre
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