How to Make Reusable unPaper Towels

Difficulty: Easy

Budget: ~£10

Time: ~10 mins

Unpaper Towels are just ingenious. They’re simple to make but have a million uses. Whether you’re cleaning a baby’s face, soaking up a spill, or drying something, chances are you’re using a paper towel! Most probably don’t realise the amount of paper towels they go through!

That’s where unPaper Towels come in! They’re an eco-friendly and reusable alternative to paper towels. They help reduce a lot of waste, save a lot of money, and can be personalised to suit you!

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Fabrics You'll Need

Top Layer: Choose your style with a Cotton Poplin or Digital Print cotton

Bottom Layer: Either Microfibre or Bamboo Terry towelling.

Snaps: If you would like to snap them together to put on a kitchen roll holder then you need Kam Snaps.

How to Make

Step 1:

Cut out a 20cm x 20cm square (or your preferred size) of Cotton Poplin, this’ll be the top layer, and your choice of the bottom layer.

Step 2:

Align and pin the the top and bottom layer with the right side of each fabric facing each other.

Step 3:

Sew around the square and make sure to leave a two inch gap. This gap will let you turn the fabric right side out.

Step 4:

Clip the corners of the square with scissors. Then turn the fabric through the hole you made in Step 3.

We like to use the end of a thin paint brush to help push out all the corners!

Step 5:

Sew around the square again about a quarter inch from the edge, this will close your gap.

Step 6:

Get your snaps and snap setter and set 2 snaps along one side with the socket facing down, and 2 snaps along the opposite side with the socket facing up.

Repeat all the steps to make another unPaper Towel and attach the two together using the snaps!

Once you have enough you can wrap this around any roll and keep adding to it over time!

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