Zorb® 3D Bamboo Dimple Fabric

  • Ready-AbZORB – pioneering technology eliminates prewashing and drying normally needed to activate the super absorbency. It also reduces 60-80% of the shrinkage, so you get more fabric for your money.
  • It can be used on its own, not as an interlining so it’s ideal for reducing cost, increasing product performance and supporting the environment
  • Absorbs 10 times its weight in under 2 seconds and soaks up 20 times faster than other material (bamboo, cotton, hemp knits)
  • Durable & reversible, it contains thirsty Zorb® 3D fibers between a face and back of 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton
  • Unique, three-dimensional engineered dimple pattern provides greater retention, superior hold, faster distribution of moisture and less leaking under compression
  • Perfect for soakers, changing pads, nappies, blankets, bibs, burp cloths, play mats and many more consumer, medical & incontinence products
  • A single layer will replace 3 layers of microfiber terry and 6 of french terry


Fabric Content:

Face & Back: 70% Bamboo 30% Organic Cotton

Filling Material: Zorb® 3D fibres


All natural fibre knits will shrink further. Percent shrinkage has been tested in a controlled lab. It may vary under different wash/dry conditions and from batch to batch.

It is recommended to test shrinkage on a small piece first and then pre-wash whole yardage at the setting that your finished stitched item will be washed.

Approx 5%-6% (length) and 5%-6% (width).

Calculate shrink and add this as an allowance in your pattern.


Wash: Medium
Dry: Tumble Medium
Iron: Warm
Bleach: No
Softener: No

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