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This layer is crucial to provide good filtration yet remain breathable. Surgical masks such a the N95 have three layers of filtration. Fortunately Zorb 3D is in itself already a 3 layer fabric (it has special tangled fibres with a front and back of either bamboo, organic cotton or stay dry polyester to hold it all together).

The heavier the Zorb the better the filtration, but the lighter versions are more breathable. Some versions of zorb also are infused with SILVADUR™ antimicrobial silver ions to inhibit bacterial growth and control bad odours.

Note that Zorb Original CANNOT be used by itself, although it is made of completely safe fibres. It is designed to be sandwiched and sewn between 2 other fabric layers. If used by itself it will fall apart in washing.

Aside from Zorb, natural fibre fleece fabrics can be used instead. The fleece structure provides a tangled surface to trap stuff; or closely woven fabrics like twill. The heavier fabrics provide more filtration, lighter provide more breathability.

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Bamboo Fleece

ProEco® Bamboo Fleece

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