How to Make Reusable Baby Bibs

Difficulty: Easy

Budget: ~£15

Time: ~30 mins

We can all be thankful that plastic pelican bibs were left back in the 70’s!

Baby bibs are straightforward and easy to make, can be re-used hundreds of times, and can add a sense of fun to mealtimes. Perfect as a personalised gift for a mother-to-be!

MaryMarthaMama has a nice free one on their site with an instructional video too.

Go to:

Fabrics You'll Need

How to Make

Step 1:

Print out the bib pattern here.

You can either print the bib pattern twice, then tape the two halves together. Or, print one, and place it on the fold of your fabric.

The printed bib pattern should measure just over 10 and ¼ inches from top to bottom - if not, adjust your printer settings.

Step 2:

Cut out the bib pattern and place it on top of your chosen fabric for the front layer of the bib.

Cut out the fabric.

Step 3:

Place your front layer fabric on top of the back layer, with the right side down*.

*optional - you can add a waterproof layer between the front layer and backing to protect their outfits even more!

Pin the front layer fabric into place and trim around the edges.

Sew around the outside edge of the bib, sewing ¼ inch from the edge.

Sew almost all the way around but leave an opening of a couple of inches or so.

Trim any excess material from the edges that you might have left before.

Step 4:

Remove the pins and turn the bib right side out, using the opening that you left.

Be sure to get into all the little corners and push everything out.

Iron the bib nice and flat.

Step 5:

Topstitch around the edge of the bib, sewing ¼ inch from the edge.

Step 6:

Attach a snap to the straps of the bib for your closure. 

For fastenings, use plastic KAM snaps and not fabric ties (safer and easier to use), but, you’ll need a special tool (KAM snap pliers) to fix them.

We prefer snaps, but velcro works just as well!

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