We can all be thankful that plastic pelican bibs were left back in the 70’s!

Baby bibs are straightforward and easy to make, can be re-used hundreds of times and can add a sense of fun to mealtimes.

Use an absorbent backing and better still have a waterproof layer between the front and backing to protect their outfits even more. We even have absorbent fleece and Terry towelling that has a waterproof PUL layer bonded to it to make it even easier to make.

There are many free patterns out there for traditional rear snap and side snap bibs and of course dribble (bandana bibs) for bottle time.

MaryMarthaMama has a nice free one on their site with an instructional video too.

For fastenings use plastic KAM snaps and not fabric ties (safer and easier to use), but you’ll need a special tool (KAM snap pliers) to fix them.

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