Cuddle Plush, Minky or Minkee?


What is the difference between Cuddle Plush Fabric, Minky and Minkee? You may not think that much. But lawyers do as it’s all about who holds the Trademark

Microfiber plush goes by the name “Minkee” or “Minky” in the US and Australia. In the UK we have to refer to it as something else as “Minky” the makers of cleaning products hold the trademark here. They have a very aggressive approach to protecting it and we are one of many tiny fabric businesses in the UK who have been threatened by their legal team.

As a result we cannot refer to any fabric as “minky”. So we use the UK-centric term plush fabric.

Either way it’s a wonderful soft and smooth fabric with a directional nap. It comes in a range of nap lengths but 2.5mm to 3mm are the most common.

It’s used extensively in children’s toys, reusable nappies, taggies, bibs and blankets. Available in a huge range of colours and designs, smooth and dimpled plush are the most popular although the number of other embossed effects is growing all the time. Some of the most eye-catching smooth cuddle plush fabrics are tie-dye and these in particular are great for showing off your embroidery skills on.

The only thing to remember with Plush fabric when doing embroidery is to make sure you use a medium weight stabilizer on the rear and a water soluble tearaway film on the front.

Plush fabric is knitted polyester and is easy to care for. It machine washable and can be tumbled dried, although it’s best to keep the heat no higher than medium so that it retains its glorious softness.

Possibly the largest manufacturer of Cuddle Plush are Shannon Fabrics from the US which we stock at Cuddle Plush Fabrics. But we also seek out specialist producers, one of which, Lil BumAz from Australia, produces the most amazing tie-dye designs that are only available in very small batches. We think you’ll love them.

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