Making face masks more effective than an N95 respirator

n95 respirator

Independently lab tested ….. A recent study by Northeastern University’s Department of Chemical Engineering tested more than 70 different common fabric combinations and masks, including the N95 respirator, for their ability to block the transmission of virus-like nanoparticles. The mask with the best filtration was made of layers of ProCool® Performance Fabrics combined with Zorb® 3D Stay Dry […]

Official Wazoodle Distributor

Wazoodle Logo

We are delighted to announce that Cuddle Plush Fabrics are now the official EU distributor for Wazoodle! Having stocked Wazoodle products for over 5 years and being their largest UK customer it seemed a no-brainer to formalise our relationship when Sid (President AKASTex) and Arch (CEO Wazoodle) suggested we join forces. We went over to […]

NEW: Lil Bumaz Tie-Dye Plush Fabrics

Lil Bumaz Customised Minky

We’re delighted to announce that Cuddle Plush Fabrics is to become the first UK retailer of Lil Bumaz customised tie-dye plush fabric. Made in small quantities and sourced from Australia where the modern cloth nappy movement has such a strong following, the Lil Bumaz fashion material is in hot demand. And now, with 4 brand […]

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