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Alternative Crafts To Try in 2024

January 3, 2024
Alternative Crafts To Try in 2024

Welcome to our first blog post of 2024!

A new year to start a new craft.

Try something alternative this year, something a little quirky and outside of the box. 

Take a look at what we suggest you try in 2024 - try out these smaller craft sets so wet your pallet and see if it is your new thing!


Macrame is a form of knot crafting using rope. 

One of the benefits of macrame is that you do not really need any tools, only materials, which can be as little as some rope!

You an make plant hangers, ornaments, ket chains, dream catchers, wall hangings, jewellery, bookmarks and so much more. 

Get started by trying out one of these macrame craft kits below.


Macrame Kit
Macrame Kit | Keyring
Macrame Kit
Wall Hanging
Macrame Kit | Wall Hanging Feather
Macrame Kit
Macrame Kit | Angel
Macrame Kit
Macrame Kit: Tree

Needle Felting

Needle Felting involves sculpting using unspun wool and tools. 

You will need basic supplies of a felting needle and unspun wool.

Get crafing pin cushions, baby mobiles, animal statues, pillow cushion designs, ornamnets, bag charms, buttons, jewllery, garlands and plenty more.

Take a look at the range of needle felting kits we have available to try your hand at.

Needle Felting Kit
Needle Felting Kit | Bunny
Needle Felting Kit
Needle Felting Kit: Llama
Needle Felting Kit
Needle Felting Kit: Giraffe
Needle Felting Kit
Needle Felting Kit: Dog
Needle Felting Kit
Needle Felting Kit: Hedgehog
Needle Felting Kit
Polar Bear
Needle Felting Kit: Polar Bear
Needle Felting Kit
Needle Felting Kit | Bee


Weaving is another textile craft, where different materials are interlaced to create a design.

This craft can be on a large scale, using a loom, or small on a small scale.

You can create wall hangings, bags, rugs, keyrings, jewllery, decorations, throw pillows, coasters, bags, door mat, clothing and a whole bunch of other items.

We carry just a couple of weaving kits here, perfect to see if this is the craft to you.

Weaving Kit
Weaving Kit | Tree
Weaving Kit
Weaving Kit | Stocking

Pom Pom Making

Pom Poms are fluffy-looking spheres made from wool, which can be attached to a number of bases to create designs.

To create the Pom Poms themselves you will need a Pom Pom Maker / Loom and yarn. Further supplies needed to make these into creations. 

Your final products could be a wreath, earrings, hat and scarf decals, decorative pillow or throw additi0ns, keyrings, wall hangings / garlands and whatever else you can think of!

We have these starter kits below, but should you wish to freestyle we offer a range of looms and makers here. Or you could try one of our gift sets.

Pom Pom Kit
Rainbow Wreath
Pom Pom Rainbow Wreath Kit
Pom Pom Kit
Penguin Decoration
Pom Pom Decoration Kit | Christmas Penguin
Pom Pom Kit
Bee Decoration
Pom Pom Decoration Kit: Bee
Pom Pom Kit
Gonk Decoration
Pom Pom Decoration Kit | Gonk

We hope this has given you some ideas on what alternative craft to try in 2024. 

Let us know how you got on in the comments below, or tag us in your social media posts!

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